L.O.S Winter Clinics

L.O.S is creating opportunities for athletes to increase their knowledge and add to their tactical bag of tricks before school goes back into session in January.

We will have three camps, Youth (3rd-8th grade), High school, and College. We will have players of all positions joining on both sides of the ball. The players will have the opportunity to receive instruction from top coaches with high level playing experience at their corresponding position. Each athlete will leave camp with a personal evaluation of their strengths and what skills they need to focus on for the remainder of the off-season. 

The athletes will also spend a considerable amount of time in classroom breakout sessions where they will have opportunities to hear from a numerous amount of credible speakers. They will be touching on topics such as, nutrition, recruiting, life as football player in college and in the NFL and even sport psychologist speaking on the mindset of an athlete.

What to Bring:

  • Water bottle, No Gatorade or Sports Drinks
  • Athletic clothing
  • Gym Shoes, No Cleats
  • Football Gloves, mouth Pieces are permitted but not mandatory 

College and Highschool: Dec 26th and 27th @ 9am -1pm 

3-5th grade: Dec 28th 1:30pm - 4:30pm 

6-8th grade: Dec 29th 9-12

Check in will commence 30 prior to camp starting. Spots will fill up very soon and we are excited to see you all. Email us at info@LOscrimmage.com for questions.