Jon Celestin



"Line of scrimmage is some of the best work I have done.  I’ve always been a good linebacker and okay rusher. LOS took my game to the next level and it showed when the lights came on. My get offs, my hip movement and footwork increased.  I was able to beat defenders with the speed, power, or a move on a pass rush. My first sack I was able to get off the ball faster than I ever have before. My hand placement as a pass rusher got better. When I went into my first training camp I was more than prepared.  Line Of Scrimmage isn’t only there physically, but mentally as well. I was un-drafted and LOS always made sure my head was still focused.  They made sure I wasn’t getting too down on my self for not being with a team or feeling bad for myself. They always told me I would have a story to tell.  The mental part was more important to me than the work we did on the field."


- Jon Celestin