Andrew Stelter



"I first came to Line of Scrimmage after I had finished up playing college football at the University of Minnesota and I was pursuing a professional football career. I didn’t receive the looks and opportunities at the next level I was hoping I would after I left college. I had gone through my pro day and the draft/NFL free agency and I hadn’t been picked up by a team. When I asked scouts what I needed to improve on, I got the same answer from all of them. I needed to improve as a pass rusher. This is when I reached out to LOS for help. I had a combine coming up for the Alliance of American Football, a new professional league that was staring up and I wanted to put myself in the best position to succeed.

When I started working with LOS, I got direct 1-on-1 training with Ayo and Ko. I learned something new every session I had and I was amazed at how much I was learning. They create an environment where you will succeed because they will not let you fail. Whether if it’s a group or solo session, I got awesome coaching.  When the combine came around after working with LOS for a few months, I was ready. I impressed the scouts there enough to get signed to a team. I continued to work with LOS up until I had to leave for training camp. At training camp, I was able to apply everything that I had learned and I felt like a completely different player. I made the team and now can say that I am a professional football player for the San Diego Fleet! I would highly recommend working with LOS. They can prepare you for whatever level of football you are playing and you will be coached by some of the best in the business!"

- Andrew Stelter